Thursday, July 25, 2013



I am in the middle of reading the book Inferno. I really like it.

There is one of the caracters in the book that is childless. Some of the sentences from the book:

"Elizabeth Sinskey could never have children.
Time will heal the emptiness, her doctor assured, but the sadness and anger only grew inside her. .... For decades, she had battled her cravings to fulfill this impossible desire. Even now, at sixty-one years old, she still felt a pang of hollowness every time she saw a mother and an infant."
I googled the author quickly and I am not sure, but it seems that he and his wife are childless. I know that his wife also participates in writting, so perhaps she wrote these sentences?

Beautifully written. And sad.
I don't want to feel any pain regarding my infertility when I am 61.


  1. Interesting...Hubby's a fan of Dean Koontz and I found out that they have no children, but I really love the story about how his wife supported them financially until he managed to sell enough for her to quit her job. :-) And I love how he soared from his tough childhood into becoming a prolific author. :-)

  2. I enjoyed Inferno too. I entertain no hope that the pain of infertility will ever go away. I hope it will be less intense, and that I will get to do other things in my life that I long to do. But the pain and loss will always be there. I hope that you get your wish before 61.

  3. I hope too for us all, that when we find ourselves at age of 61, or 75 years old, to look back and say we had a good life, despite the obstacles... Yes there'd be regrets, and sorrow, like infertility. I don't know... is there any IFers among us who are in their 60's or 70's that could share their feelings at this time? I don't know.. Well, I do know someone, but she had swept it all under the rug, pretending that infertility doesn't exist.

    On other hand- we have access to each other, through internet, when you think about it- women back in 70's and 80's, didn't have that opportunity. So might be easier for us to lean on each other when we become older.

  4. Finished reading the book yesterday.
    It is not a high literature, but I enjoyed reading it anyway.

    Infertility is quite a star in this book :)