Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lots of free time

My country is the only country in European Union where we celebrate International Worker's Day for two days: 1st and 2nd May. Remaining of ex-communist times...

The majority of people that I know (including me) took also Friday off to get 5 days of holidays. People with children either went to the seaside (=the ones with enough money) or they enjoy time with large picnics.

We stayed at home. We don't like the sea when everybody else goes on holiday. And we don't like family picnics with crowds of young kids - because it is always so obvious that we do not belong there. 

We do belong to the forest & our beloved Wolf.

I dedicated two days to creating my very first composter. It will be great to have 100 % natural compost for the next year.

I try to eat extra healthy so I made myself today:
- smoothie made of banana, chard and parsley
- soup of nettles (yes, nettles are very very healthy): 
- dandelion salad *

The advantage of being childless: I do not have to think whether a child will eat a super healthy dish or not.

(I eat extremely healthy only when I don't have to go to work and when I am home alone)

**I grew my own chard and parsley on balcony. I collected the nettles in the forrest today. My mum picked up dandelion.

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