Sunday, May 5, 2013

Life is...

I really like this Lennon's quote.

There are so many plans that did not work out. So I am trying a new recipe: less planing, more living.  I am not always good at this, but I am at least trying...

I had a lovely day today. My DH had a business meeting with a potential client in Austria and since he doesn't speak that good German, I went with him as a translator. At the end it turned out that the clients speak perfect English, which made things much easier...

It was a perfect day. We have seen some beautiful parts of Steiermark for the first time, it is lovely landscape, full of vineyards. Really worth visiting, if you ever come to this part of Europe: 
(nick name: Austrian Tuscany)

***I still very much enjoy planning my holidays. I just booked a room in a private BB in two different towns of Dalmatia.


  1. Planning holidays is very different, and always fun! (though sometimes stressful)

    That part of Austria looks beautiful.

    I read a quote on the weekend about planning that I like - "Always plan, but never plan on your plans."

  2. This is beautiful! Europe has so many lovely pockets to explore. I agree with Mali...planning holidays IS fun. But it's fun to go with the flow as well. Enjoy Dalmatia! Cheers. :-)