Thursday, April 4, 2013

The way back

After two years of waiting to find this movie, we watched this movie yesterday. It is splendid! I really recommend it.

I love movies that make me think.  

To start with - I am happy that the days of communism are over (at least in my part of the world). Hopefully for good. How horrible was it to live in that times!

How easy is my life compared to the lives that main characters of the movie had.

My dealing with infertility? Really - no big deal! 

If those man could walk 4000 miles from Siberia to India.... I will be able to walk out the black hole of my infertility, back to the happy life I used to have.

I just returned from a short walk with my beloved Wolf. It was lovely. I am so happy that he is still around.


  1. Never saw this, but it sounds interesting. Plus, Colin Farrell's cute!

    1. yes. Colin Farrell is cute.
      But it is Ed Harris that I loved in this movie.

  2. We also loved this movie. Shows the grit and determination of the human spirit. We'll discuss further when we see you in a few weeks!

  3. THANKS for this. I'm very interested in watching. You're right that there are stories that just change our perspective and I love those kinds of stories, too. :-D

  4. I'm intrigued about the movie- would need to watch it! :) And I always love to hear that you get to spend more time with your sweetheart Wolf!!!

  5. I'll watch this movie sometime :)
    Colin Farrell looks good!:)