Sunday, April 21, 2013

Growing my vegetable

I haven't written a lot lately. Reason: I am very busy with planting everything on my vegetable garden. It is hard work, but I love working in the garden anyway.

The majority of my friends / colleagues with kids do not have vegetable garden since they literally do not have any available free time.

It was not my choice to be childless. I am taking the advantage of using my free time well.

One thing that is my top favourite to grow is basil. I love basil. I can not imagine my cooking without fresh basil. I grow it on the balcony and also in the garden.

Our favourite dish in summer is: spaghetti with home made pesto genovese.
(recipe for pesto genovese:


  1. Congratulations on your garden! Here in the US, we tend to grow lawns, not food. I don't understand it. Nevertheless, I'm thrilled that you grow your food. And I love basil too. I make pesto all summer. I frequent local farms though, since we're in Spain for a bulk of the summer harvest time; otherwise, I would love to grow as much of our produce as possible. Cheers and enjoy your time. It's a good way to spend a day. :-)

  2. Congratulations with your vegetable garden! :)
    I love basil too (and wish I had my own garden full with basil and other stuff-mayby one day)

    Wish you have a wonderful sunday:)

  3. Basil and tomatoes = summer. Wonderful.

  4. am proud of you and without knowing what you did... i started planting basil on my window... although am living in a desert but am trying to take care of it and make it survive as much as i can... don't care if you are not a blood mother to someone but you are surly a spiritual mother to many people because you are born to be a mother.
    am proud of you <3

  5. How lovely it is to write something and then get kind comments from:
    - USA
    - Norway
    - New Zealand
    - Saudi Arabia

    Internet really did make a world nice & cosy place to be. I never feel alone anymore.