Sunday, March 24, 2013

Taking care of myself

I had coffee with one of my coworkers (mother of two) on Friday. She started to explain how tired she always is. She is taking good care of her two children, but she just doesn't have any time to take care of herself.

When I came home that day, I prepared  XXL bowl of dandelion salad (my mum is picking it up for me) with lots and lots of vitamins. And then I went for a walk with beloved Wolf. Yes indeed, I do have time. And I do take care of myself.


I just got my period. I remembered how heartbroken I was for almost a decade - whenever a first day of period arrived. I am not sad any more. It is, what it is.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

(It is snowing in this part of Europe.... incredible beginning of spring).


  1. Healthy food, good sleep, and exercise .... Can't beat that combination.

  2. Wonderful:-) You have a happy body!
    How is dandelion tasting? I didn't know that we could eat that:)

    I'm west in Norway now on holiday (I live north). The spring is here, no snow and we have sunny weather:) Love it!

    1. yes, dandelion has lots of vitamins:

      It tastes a bit sour, but I like it a lot. I like the idea of doing something good for my body.

    2. Aahh,I'll try it sometimes :) Do you buy dandelion or do you find it yourself? (can't find the correct word in english..)

    3. If I have time I find it myself. But most of the time my mum picks it up for me (yes, she still spoils me!).
      I never buy it.
      In our country this is kind of national hobby - eating dandelion in spring. It is only important to pick it where the earth is not fertilized and where there isn't much traffic. And to clean it many rounds of water...