Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A break

On the picture: beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia

As I have already written, I like the work that I do. But sometimes I just wish I could take some months off and have some me-time.

Literally all women that I know my age have taken so far twice or three times a year off (or actually 13 months off work) - for each newborn. And I have been working non-stop for the last 15 years (except 20 days of holiday per year).

I know that women who have newborns, have lot of work. But still, they manage to escape daily work routine for one year (since maternity leave is almost 100 % paid for whole year, all mothers take the whole year off).

The resolution: for my 50th birthday (in 10 years time) I will give myself the best gift ever. One year off. To travel. Or just to stay home, enjoy my life with DH, a dog, growing vegetables, taking long walks, reading books...

For the start - I am really really looking forward for 10 days of holidays in Dalmatia in May, two of them will be spent with Pamela. Can't wait!!!


  1. And I am jealous of the American women who get 2-3 months off!! If it was a year, I don't know what I would do!! I sometimes wonder what small medical procedure I might "need" so I could relax at home and use all of this sick time I have accrued. Oh well, it is what it is.

  2. I know exactly the feeling... as I've had it for many many years (13 years of office work). Now since a bit over two years ago, I'm lucky to be able to work at home, which has totally changed my life as I can organize my time more or less any way I want to and it gives me a real sense of freedom. If that is ever an option for you, I would recommend it.
    But your resolution for your 50th birthday is really perfect! :)

  3. must be nice being able to spend time in such a gorgeous place...HAVE FUN with Pamela! :-D And here's to your resolution. May it come true! :-D

  4. What a gorgeous photo! And a perfect plan. I love the idea of taking a year off to travel or to just be. I think everyone should have the opportunity, not a select few. Please keep us all posted on your plans. :-)

  5. Aaah. Memories. We visited there in 2011. Sigh.

    I've taken time off for the last ten years - it's called being self-employed, occasionally/frequently also known as being UN-employed! lol. I believe that we should all take time off to recharge our batteries. My husband and I have always talked of taking a lot of time off when we're retired - but that's assuming we will last that long, and here in NZ it seems to be later and later to retire. (Especially given that it is so much harder to save - and earn interest - that it was even 10 years ago.) So we're considering taking time off earlier.

  6. I see you are building upon my plan ... I haven't completely forsaken work, but the rest sounds about right. We'll compare notes on how to make 50 nifty when we meet in just a few short weeks!

  7. Splendid idea! :) I'm all for that, since I'd be 50 in almost a decade... (not gonna think about it this year, thro). Gotta share your notes with me later then!

  8. great to get so many lovely comments!
    Not long ago people could retire in my country when they were aprox 55 years old. Now this limit is getting higher (btw: thank's GOd for that!) ... so I guess I will have to work untill I am 70.

    So yes - I am really looking forward to having one year only for me.