Monday, February 4, 2013

The empty picture frame

The Empty Picture Frame: An Inconceivable Journey Through Infertility

This is the first novel that describes a life of a couple going through IVF treatments that  I have ever read. I really liked it (I read it while being in the middle of IVF treatments).

Does anybody know: did Jenna's dreams come true? I hope they have.

Mine haven't. And I am OK with that (at least most of the time).


  1. Jenna was quite a prolific blogger for awhile, but I haven't seen or heard anything by or about her in a couple of years. She adopted a baby girl and then got pregnant (without treatment) & had another girl. Sadly, her oldest daughter had some developmental issues. I hope things are going well for them.

    1. thanks Loribeth. I hope they are doing all well.

      Your reply made me think. How the majority of women going through IF land end up with baby. How I belong to minority group. I am quite OK to be in minority group. Well, at least most of the time.

  2. I have the book, but I hadn't yet read it. Looking forward to read it when I get to it- have a pile of books here. :)

    Minority group, good wording.