Friday, February 1, 2013

Grbavica: Land of My Dreams


Grbavica is a 2006 film about the life of a single mother in contemporary Sarajevo in the aftermath of systematic rapes of Muslim women by Serbian troops during the war. It was released in the  UK as Esma's Secret: Grbavica, and in USA as Grbavica: Land of My Dreams.

The film shows, through the eyes of the main character Esma, her teenage daughter Sara, and others, how everyday life is still being shaped by the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s.

Esma got pregnant when being raped and gave birth to a daughter (she couldn't have an abortion since being held as a hostage). She told her daughter the truth about her father when the daughter was already a teenager.

The sadest part begins in this youtube trailer, at 4 minutes 11 seconds.

In the beginning there is a group of women during the theraphy. They all lost somebody and something in the war.

The sadest part of the movie (that made me cry so much) when Esma starts talking for the first time in this support group (she attended the sessions for many years, but never could share her story before).

She talks how she felt during the pregnancy. How she kicked her belly in order to kill the baby. How she rejected the baby when she was born. After two days after the birth she could hear her baby crying through the walls. So she said to nurses that she would breastfeed her, but only once. But when she saw the baby for the first time, she fell in love with her. So she kept her.

I just cried with Esma, I could feel her pain.

If you never heard Bosnian language ever before - you have opportunity to hear it for the first time.

I spent the whole day thinking, how lucky are we, who have never ever experienced the evil of war. And how sad it is to think how many Esmas are there out there. There are so many war zones & conflict zones.

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