Saturday, February 9, 2013

Juice master

I spent a lovely afternoon with my Mum few days ago. I invited her for a lecture about growing organic vegetables. My Mum obviously knows a lot about it but went anyway, to keep me company. It was great (I learnt lots of new things)- there were approx. 100 people listening to 3-hour-long lecture. I was the youngest :)

I just can't wait for spring to come, so I can start works on my vegetable garden (I got some a piece of garden from my mother-in-law three years ago).

Just last weekend I used my last Hokkaido pumpkin. It is priceless - to eat a delicious soup from my own pumpkin in the middle of the winter.

I was quite inspired by juice master. A coworker bought this juicer last year and said it is really good. New year resolution: to drink every day one vegetable juice!

Eating healthy really makes me feel better.

Do you perhaps have a good juicer? Ideas welcome! It is great - everything can be bought online, so borders are not a problem any more.


  1. I have a juicer called Melissa. It's good, but perhaps not the best juicer in the world (it was very cheap)I love homemade juice (

    Me and my boyfriend have been drinking homemade juice everyday for a long time. But now he is on work (he is working in the north sea at a boat. Away for 4 weeks) So, when I'm home alone, I'm not so good with making juice to myself :)

  2. I'm no help here. :) I used to have a juice maker, however I kept forgetting- so it was collecting dust.

    I'd not say no to drink vegetable juice when opportunities are there. :)

  3. Nice to know you've spent quality time with your Mom and learn new stuff. I don't have a juice maker, either, though we do have a food processor that can be used to make juice.

  4. Great blog! Glad I found you!

    I had a juicer once. I bought it from Bed bath and beyond. I was a Sharper Image juicer, but it turned out to be pretty crappy. I am looking for a new one!

    1. dear Christine,
      it is always lovely to find a comment from a new reader.

  5. I bought a juicer last month and have been enjoying fresh juice almost every day. We bought an Omega. It has worked good for us so far.