Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I am back

Home, sweet home!

I like having work that includes at least one short business trip per month abroad. I also like coming back home.

I had a good time, everything went well.

The picture is from the blog of my bloggie friend from Norway (the world became so small since I can read blog in Norwegian with the help of google translator). The picture shows exactly how I felt during small talks with colleagues. I met lots of colleagues on this 5-day-event, so there was lots of small talk. I envied people with children. Not because they have children. But because it is so easy for them to make small talk. 

I survived. As years are passing by I learned how to deal with painful small talks (and how to slip away if it becomes too much to bear..).

Once I finished working early and two colleagues (women my age, both with kids) asked me where I am going.  I replied I will  go to a famous store with clothes for kids. And both looked at me very meaningfully and happy. Then I quickly replied that I always buy something for my nieces in February (on winter sales). One commented that she thought I might be pregnant. Then I replied that I regret, but I am too old for that. Her answer was: "Didn't you hear? It was in the news that in our country one woman gave birth this week to her first baby, aged 53. So you have still lots of time!".

I just replied that technically speaking this was not really her baby (at least not regarding the genes). And that I do not have time since is 53 is way to old for the first baby, at least for my opinion. And I said goodbye and went.

Those two women are otherwise really nice. I know they wanted to be just helpful.

Excellent news. My beloved Wolf decided to live for another few years, despite the kidneys. He even gained 3 kilos! It was lovely to meet him yesterday after coming back home.


  1. Klara, I am so happy to read the good news about Wolf!!! Give him a big big hug for me.

  2. I have missed you, Klara! And I'm so glad to hear that Wolf is alive (I've been thinking so much about him)
    Really hope that you are having some very good days with him now.

    I agree with what your saying about people with children and smal talks (that always includes their children....)


  3. I am so glad that Wolf is doing better and you will get a few more years with him!

  4. Glad you're back, AND that you pointed out to those women two important facts. A) a baby at 53 is a donor egg baby, and b) that 53 is too old for a baby (at least in your world - and in mine too). I think by speaking up like that, we educate, and maybe help to change people's behaviour. I had to do that recently with my 21 year old niece - pointing out that all those celebrities having babies in their late 40s were most likely donor egg babies. She didn't even know donor eggs were possible.

    And glad too that Wolf is well!

  5. I'm glad to see you back!!! :) And even better, that your Wolf has more time with you!! :)

  6. HURRRAAAHHHHHHH to hear about Wolf. I'm SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Well done, Klara. There are many ways to react in the situation you describe and you turned it into a teachable moment that helped enlighten. So very happy that you had an enthusiastic stronger Wolf to greet you!

  8. Glad that Wolf is feeling more like his old self these days!

    As someone who is 52, much as I once wanted a baby, I cannot IMAGINE having one at this stage of my life!!