Monday, February 11, 2013

Goodbye for one week

I have to go for one week abroad*, on a business trip. Usually I love to go. Not this time. I am afraid that tomorrow morning, when I go, will be the last time that I see my beloved Wolf.

We had two short walks today, in the snow (we have lots and lots of snow this winter). How I miss time when he was healthy and we could walk around for 4-5 hours. Now his maximum is 15 minutes, then he is already tired.

Watching my beloved Wolf made me think how short life is. How everything passes by so quickly.

I decided already more then a year ago, but I will write it down again.

Life is just too short to waist any second for being miserable because of my infertility.

*abroad: even if I go only 150 kilometers away, this is already abroad (=another country, where they speak German, Italian, Croatian or Hungarian... depends on which direction I take :)


  1. Have a good trip Klara, and I hope and hope and hope again that your dear friend Wolf will still be there for you when you get home.

    Yes. Life is too short to waste.

  2. I can only imagine how difficult it is to travel at this time. I hope you have a frisky Wolf to greet you upon your return. As for your philosophy, I am embracing it with gusto.

  3. I agree. Life is too short to waste.
    Hope you have a good trip, and i really hope that Wolf is the first one that meet you in the door when you are comming home.

  4. Have a good trip and hope that Wolf's still there to greet you when you get back!!!

    LOVE your last sentence! :-)

  5. Sorry to hear you need to travel especially during this time with being away from Wolf. I will hope and pray that your beloved companion will there to greet you upon your return - let that unconditional love keep him going. Life is much too short to be miserable and I definitely found that out going thru infertility as well. I look at things so much differently now and I refuse to let misery bring me down. Safe travels.

  6. Klara, I'm so sorry to hear that you must travel at this time in Wolf's journey. You have surrounded him with love and taken these steps together as a family. Please be gentle with yourself during this time. And you're so right. Life is precious and far too short for only one lifetime. What we do each day is critical, as we are exchanging that time in our life for whatever we choose to do. A seemingly daunting task, but a priviledged task. Sending you vibes of love and peace in these days ahead.