Monday, February 25, 2013

Goodbye, books!

Some books just do not belong to our appartment any more. I never throw away books that used to mean something to me. So I have a project of finding new owners.

I had Zita West's book with lots of useful advices how to get pregnant. Obviously the book does not belong to my life any more, so I put an advertisment online and sold it today. I am glad that the book might help somebody.

I love Lisa's I am taking my eggs and going home. I read it once and loved it. But I knew I would never re-read it (it would bring too many memories back). I had coffee last week with my schoolfriend from high school, she has had a birthday, so I wrapped the book as a present.  She is a lovely person, we got along perfectly already in high school. And now she is the only one besides me in the class that is childless. She has great cinical sense of humour... we don't see each other often, but whenever we do, we have fun together. She laughed so much when se saw the title, she loved the book immediately.

I just packed Sinead Moriarty's trilogy for a friend that works in a library. The books are about an Irish woman who couldn't conceive. She tried IVF. It didn't work. Then she adopted from Russia. She was so happy when she got a little boy from Russia. Then she finally relaxed - and guess what - she got pregnant!!! Can't believe that I actually loved these books 8 years ago. They gave me hope. Now I just want them out of my shelves. Such a cliché! I am just fed up with clichés!


  1. I know the Sinead Moriarty books you mean... Melissa (Stirrup Queens) had it slated for the book club she used to run... there were so few people interested, she eventually just put me in touch with another blogger who had signed up so we could discuss the book together if we wanted. I completely lost interest about halfway through & never did finish the thing. Hunour & infertility are a tricky combination... maybe someday, someone will write a good comic novel about infertility... but that wasn't it. :p

  2. Clearing things out - even things that were once loved - can make a huge difference to how we feel. You're so impressive, Klara!

  3. Yeah- I'm starting to get rid of books where folks get pregnant, raising babies, etc.
    Certainly easier to get rid of books, than children stuff, thro. :-)

    I hadn't heard of that Sinead Moriarty series, but now what I hear here, I certainly don't want to know. I hadn't yet read the "Silent Sorority" and "I'm taking my eggs and going home"- thro they are on my shelf.

    *hugs* Klara- you're getting there- soon or later, I'll be following up. :D