Saturday, January 5, 2013

11 years

Exactly 11 years ago I met my DH, the love of my life.
Can't believe how years flew by...
I fell in love in the moment he smiled at me, he has a beautiful smile.
We married one year later.
This year we will be celebrating 10 years of our marriage.
Which means that this year there will be 10 years since we started making love without protection.
10 years of unfulfilled dreams.
Not all dreams come true. (writing this down doesn't hurt any more).
I am one of the lucky ones.... to find my soul mate!


  1.'s to celebrating the beautiful things in life!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARYYYYY!!!! :-D Here's to many more loving, fun, caring years to come! :-D Glad to know writing that sentence doesn't hurt anymore. :-)

  2. Congratulations with 11 years together :D Glad you found your soul mate:)

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. And a wonderful man, he is! So glad you found each other. Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary to y'all and more years to y'all!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Hoping one day I get to follow in Pamela's footsteps, and meet you both. ;-)