Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy - Happy - Happy

I got a phone call from the hospital few days ago and I had ultrasound of the breasts this morning.
Everything is perfectly fine! I am so happy!!!
So - thank you for all your kind wishes couple of weeks ago.
They obviusly helped.

A doctor that was doing ultrasound was really nice. Older, wise and very kind. She was surprised to see how young I am and that I already had mammography. I explained about 10 failed IVFs. She took time and we talked a bit.  It was so great to talk with her.

She was surprised to hear that I had that many IVFs so she asked: "But why did you have that many?" I explained that I just could not accept my life without kids.

She  said: "I will tell you something that I have never told anybody. My best friend has three children, they are in their late 20s now. And she always says that if she was young again, she would never ever decided to have children. Children are not always blessing, you know?"

And her words made my soul smile :) 

Later on she asked me whether we thought about adopting.  I said that we are just too old to get a baby. Then she suggested Russia. I said that I do not trust Russia and explained that if there were so many stolen babies in Spain only few decades ago, how can I be sure that there aren't some stolen babies in Russia. And she just concluded that of course that there are stolen babies also in Russia.

PS: Later on in our conversation I learned that she is a mother (she was kind to me, so she did not boast, but I guess she just adores her children and grandchildren).


  1. Klara, YAY for a clean bill of health. And also yay for a woman who was able to talk to you kindly, sensibly, without resorting to cliches and pity.

  2. Klara, I'm glad that all went well!!! Today I had my mammogram. Hopefully all will be well. I ended up having a long conversation with the technician about her son, her life, etc. I wish her and her son the best, but our conversation did not make me feel envious about having kids. She's having a very tough time with her son, who is gifted and has adhd. She was telling me she is 50 now, but then joked about not being sure she'd make it 5 more years.

  3. So happy for your positive diagnosis!

  4. HAPPYYYYYY to hear that everything's fine. And happy to hear that the doctor's really nice. :-)))