Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fertility predicted by mother's age at menopause

One of the hobbies that I have had for the last few years is reading BBC News website, especially the section Health.

This week I read this:

Strangely, I felt a relief.
My mother was 42 when she entered menopause.
Perhaps this is a clue why my ovaries just could not produce quality eggs during IVFs. 
So, it is not my fault. I just have  it in my genes.

I have never ever felt any regret about not trying to children when I was in my 20's. Reason. In my twenties I was in some really bad relationships (but was just too young to realize that then).

I met the love of my life when I was nearly 30. And he is the only man I ever wished to have a child with.


  1. LOVE the no regret thing. :-D Well, I wouldn't have been able to try in my early 20s anyway 'coz R2 and I were having a long-distance relationship he he...

  2. I wouldn't have been able to try in my 20's or early 30's...not in any kind of long-term/stable relationships back then. I didn't meet my hubby till I was 34 and we choose to wait till I was 38 to start. I don't have any regret waiting in the sense that we weren't ready before that.

    My Mom had me at 42, so I was "betting" on be able to have a child up till then at least (it was in my genes, right?). But, sadly it wasn't to be. Mom had a forced hysterectomy by the time I was 3 years old and here I am at 45 and already premenopausal...go figure?