Saturday, October 27, 2012

After 30 years of waiting...

I just read this article:

I am happy for this woman, that she got her children after 30 years of waiting for them.

But - what I am not happy about is that there are more and more woman having babies after the age of 50. It gives a false impression - that there are no age limits for having babies.

I am 40. I am so over needles & drugs & infertility clinics.

Yes. I am definitely too old to have a child.


  1. I also feel too old to have a child these days 'coz I'm thinking of hubby's age. He's going to be 42 already next year and he once told me that he wished to have the first child already before he reached 40 (or at the latest when he reached 40).

    I agree with you about the false impression. I think the more "options" people have to try to have babies of their own, the greater the illusion is 'coz they just don't really know what it takes. And there are many more published success stories out there than "the real deal".

  2. Staring at 50 in a few months -- pregnancy at this age is something I can't begin to imagine.