Monday, August 13, 2012

Missing Maria

Listening to Rolling Stones today brought many beautiful memories back.

I remember being 22 years old and travelling for the first time with Interrail. I went to Spain to visit my friend Maria.  And while staying with Maria there was a concert of Rolling Stones in Gijon, a city just few kilometers away. Of course we went there - with lots of Maria's friends. We were young and broke and just couldn't afford to buy the tickets. So we listened to the concert outside.  It was still great... but we really wished to be able to be inside.

Few days ago Maria would have her 41st birthday.  Here is a link to Maria's post (for all new readers): 

I really miss her!

As I have already written in spring, with Maria's death I realized how short life can be. And that none of us really knows how many days /  years are waiting for us. I realized that I have to start living NOW. To live in the moment. Enjoy my life the way as it is. Not to focuse on the things I do not have. But to focus on the things that I do have in my life. To be happy. Enjoy life. NOW.

The photo above was taken by me, yesterday, on the walk around the lake.

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