Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beautiful summer

We are having beautiful sunny & hot summer in my country. And I literally do not have any time for any thinking about infertility :)

There are 2 alpine lakes near where I live (above is the photo of one of them). They are beautiful, especially the one on the photo, that is less touristy. So from Friday to Monday I went swimming every single day! Both lakes have now 24 C and they are crystal clear.

I couldn't help of thinking of last year's August. I was already on different drugs, preparing my body for a treatment with egg donation. And my body did not take drugs well - it was so swollen for many weeks. So I missed the whole swimming season. 

I really really enjoy my drug-free summer & swimming so much!  


In the first year of my infertility I was so sorrow & bitter that I could not even be kind to any kids in the neighbourhood. Now it is easier every year (I really do love children, at least most of them).  I am kind to them. I know how to talk with small kids.

Yesterday when I took my trash out, I saw in the distance a neighbour. And her 3 year old daughter said very loudly: "Look mommy, there is my friend!". Isn't it sweet? It was the first time ever that a child so young called me a friend :)

And this neighbour isn't really a close friend, it is just a girl that I have known for ages so we always chat a bit when we meet.


  1. PS: and I have noticed that my blog has 3x less readers as in spring. Which is good. It means that also my readers do not have time for infertility :)

  2. There might be no time for infertility. But there's always time for (new) friends.

    Oh, and your lake looks gorgeous!!!

    1. dear Mali,
      yes, there is always time for new friends!
      And - we already have a deal. You will visit me one day in my country and I will visit you one day in yours.
      I already have LP' New Zealand at home... waiting for her time to come :)

  3. Hi Klara...where is it that you live? We are looking for a vacation spot for next year and I am open to all kind of ideas. Yours looks truly amazing!

    So glad you have a new friend in the neighborhood! :-)

    1. Hi Kellie,
      I live in a beautiful country - sLOVEnia. It is the only country in the world with the word LOVE in it :)

      Official tourist website of my country:

      I really really promise you that it is a country worth visiting! There are so many beautiful places to see!

      I know that you are from California. So perhaps you will be interested to read a post from Alex from California:

      that he wrote in a morning after returning to California from Slovenia.

      So... looking forward to meeting you also in person!

      lots of love,


    2. Thank you Klara...we will definitely be looking into it. It looks amazing, and how can you not LOVE a country with the work Love in it?? :-)

      I would love to meet you in person as well!


  4. Crystal clear alpine lakes certainly make for a beautiful summer!