Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Family tree

I had always wanted to build my own family tree. But somehow as years passed,  I never got to it.   Later I decided, that this was something I would start doing when I was pregnant. It seemed so great - when our baby was born, we would write his/her name into empty square.

Now - even thinking of our family tree makes me sad. I know I will never ever build it. It would be too depressing to see it end with me.

I know my genes will end with me and I am OK with that (at least most of the time). But I do not want to see my family tree where it is so obvious that nothing is continuing from my name on...

Just a thought: if you adopt a child, how do you put him/her into the family tree? 


  1. If I had an adopted child and if I knew the parents' names, I'd put him/her there and make a link to show the real parents' names.

    Actually I'm now getting more excited at the thought of building a family tree, though it may be SO hard for me to do 'coz if possible, I want to trace my ancestors from mainland China and Singapore...but we shall see about that. :-))) It's just interesting to think of who my ancestors were. :-)

  2. I totally understand this. I wrote something about family trees here - In short though, my conclusion was:

    "I know that as long as I can look back, and not forward, I can handle genealogy. Just don't ask me to keep an up-to-date family tree."

    And in terms of adoption, I think they're included in the family tree, but that there's usually a rider of "Adopted" added. I always find that a bit ironic, because if you ask me family trees are probably full of people not biologically related to the father at least (after all, they could never prove it), and maybe more (ie children raised as siblings but aren't, etc) to hide family scandals.

    1. dear Mali,
      I just read your post. Beautifuly written!

  3. You just put them on the tree as your child. Family tree programs allow you to put the relationship, buy on a tree it wouldn't show. You can also make this information private if you ever send the information to someone else. I also know some genealogists who, due to open adoption, had the parents names and researched their family tree, too. I think my favorite image is here: