Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No, I do not have plenty of time

One of my favourite songs is Ti voglio tanto bene.  I really like the singer Gianna Nannini.

She had her first and only child when she was 54. I am happy for her, that she got what she always wanted.

But what I don't like at all is the fact how many celebrities are having children that late in life.
It gives the impression that it is possible to have children at ANY age.

So I hope I will never hear again that I have plenty of time to have children. I do not. I am over with hoping & praying.


  1. 54!! I just can't imagine even wanting a baby at 54. Technology has a lot to answer for - just because we can, doesn't mean we should.

    I'm hoping you don't ever hear "you have plenty of time" again (with regards to children anyway). I don't hear that now, and it's a relief.

  2. Yeah, I also don't wish people to keep on telling me that I have plenty of time to have children and I don't wish for you to hear that, either.

    LOVE her voice, though! I've never heard about her before unfortunately he he...

    Same as Mali, I can't imagine wanting to have a baby at 54. I mean, when the child is 10, the mother's already at a retirement age (for most people who have regular jobs)! GASP!!!!

  3. 54...OMG...I can't even imagine. It is kind of funny that lately I haven't been getting you have plenty of time left. Maybe I am showing my age more now that I am 45 (GASP, I was hoping not because I always used to get the "you look so much younger" before) or the people I am around these days already know our story that we have moved on.

  4. I can't imagine having a baby at 54. I mean, if she wants one & is able to have one & care for one at 54, more power to her. But, much as I once wanted to be a mother, it wouldn't be my choice.