Friday, June 22, 2012

Night is Magic

I just returned home, from the workshop that I attended for my job. I worked hard. And had great time at the same time.

Writing a blog influenced me. I am more focused to have as many happy moments that I can.

I finished working at 5pm yesterday, so I had free evening, just for myself. And I spent an amazing evening in Gardaland. Gardaland is an amusement park on the shore of Garda lake (the most beautiful lake in Italy).  I love love love Gardaland! Especially at night. Lots of families with small children already go home. And also buses with school children.

In peak season during the day the waiting lines for attractions can be up to 1 hour. But yesterday I never waited more then 5 minutes. So I could have 20 rides in 5 hours. Great, great, great!!!

This is the attraction that I love the most:

But there are also lots of other good ones.

There are sections dedicated only to families with toddlers. As you can imagine, I avoid those sections :)

Also my DH loves Gardaland. We were already here couple of times together. I wish he could be yesterday with me, he would love it!

It was so hot this week in Italy (36 C). So I ate mostly fresh apricots, nectarines, peaches.... it is the region of fruit. It was so delicious to eat fruit directly from orchards (I really do not like supermarket fruit).

I ate plenty of good ice cream.

So, life really is good!

I stayed in private B&B (really cosy, clean, super nice and not expensive). And the owner had a lovely 3 year old daughter. When I arrived the child asked me: "Avete dei bambini?". I just responded: "Purtroppo no."

Some years  ago this question would bring me to tears (since it was actually the first time that a child asked me whether I had kids... she didn't go to kindergarten so I guess was always looking forward to guests who came with kids).

This time I just responded the way it is. And I didn't feel bad. It is just the fact, that I do not have kids. Can not change it.


Yesterday evening I was actually happy not to have any small kids. I have seen people my age who were only in the parts of Gardaland that is meant for babies . And I could be only in the parts that I love (Raptor, Blue tornado etc. etc).

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  1. WOW...20 rides in 5 hours? And no need to queue for a long time? That's SO GREAT! :-D I'm happy to know you've got so much fun. 36'C. That's ABSOLUTELY HOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

    It's been only about 9-17'C here ha ha ha ha ha ha...Lappish summer. It can get as hot as 30-31'C but only for a few days in a year (if we're lucky) and during those days, it doesn't stay that hot the whole day - mostly only half a day he he...that's why nowadays hot weather becomes too hot for me, even though I've been raised in a tropical country.

    And again YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY for not feeling bad or anything upon answering that question.

    P.S. How many languages do you speak? WOW!!!