Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tennant Creek & I never regret the things I have done

The last and only time that I had any infection was almost 15 years ago. I was travelling for one month around Australia, alone. 

I visited Uluru (it is really beautiful) and afterwards came to small town of Tennant Creek and wanted to continue  my bus trip to Cairns. But there were some awful floods somewhere before Cairns, so I had to wait for 4 or 5 days in Tennant Creek that the floods would stop and that they would open the road (it was quite funny, because it was so hot and sunny in the middle of Australia and I was stopped because of the floods).

Tennant Creek is a small town (population 3500, almost half of them are Aborigines). There really isn't much to do. To avoid boredom I became a member of Tennant Creek public library. And I went to swimming pool every day, to survive hot days.

I loved swimming there. I have some nice photos from the swimming pool in my album. I made so many new friends - all of them were Aborigines, under the age of 12. I was actually one of few adults in the pool. And the only white person. So I was an attraction for the children. They had lots of questions for me.

1. Where do I come from?
2. Did I walk or came in the car from Europe?
3. How come I didn't have husband?   (can you imagine - this question hurt me at the time, since I was just after break of long and bad relationship)

In that pool there were some bacteria that my spoiled body (living in sterile environment) was not used to. So I got really bad vaginal infection (the only one till now). I didn't really know where to find medical help in Australia, so it remained untreated. And by the time I returned home, I was OK already. But later I found out that this was the infection that destroyed and blocked my tubes. So this is how my infertility began, 15 years ago. And I wasn't even aware of it.

But the interesting thing is that I never regret going to Australia. I do not regret swimming in that pool.  I never regret the things that I have done.  Everything is just part of my life. All this made me the person I am today.

Dear google search engine:  this is a post about LIFE AFTER INFERTILITY
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  1. The picture looks SO grand. :-))) I'm glad you have so many wonderful memories of the place. :-D Surprised to hear that an infection can end up blocking the tubes. Never knew it could happen like that. Geez. :-(

  2. I'm glad you can look back and enjoy your experience. Unfortunately these bodies just don't remain perfect forever!

  3. dear Amel & This Path in Life,
    it is always lovely to get comments!
    Yes, bodies just don't remain perfect forever...

    I wanted just to comment something more.
    Of course I wish I didn't go swimming in that pool.
    But I am not bitter about it. Nor angry. It is just the way it happened...

    1. And that, my friend, ties in perfectly with your sunshiney smiley symbol next to your name. :-D

  4. Klara, I don't rally know what to say. But glad that you have good memories from something that produced so many sad ones too.

  5. The fact that you aren't angry and bitter about this circumstance is an amazing tribute to the kind of person that you are. A person who doesn't look back at the past with blame and regret but continues to look at life in the present with acceptance and positivity.

    I find it a constant challenge to not relive the negative aspects of my past, it's a continual work in progress to stay in the present, live in the moment and let go. Blogging is actually a great way to help me achieve that! And I'm a LOT better with it than I was a few years ago!

    This post is a great testament to your ability to be able to do that. I have a lot of admiration!!

    Love and Light

    1. dear Annie,
      thank you for your kind words!
      Yes, blogging does wonders for me too :)