Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good bye

... but will be back in one month!

We have a flight to Asia in few days and have to organize million of things before we go. So I literally have no time for any after-infertility thoughts. Which is good :)

The legs on the photo are not mine, but I hope I will be able to make a similar photo soon. Currently I am struggling with finding a room on Perhentian Islands (they are supposed to be paradise, obviously lots of tourist have heard it).

And now I have to spend as much time as I can walking the Wolf before I go. I will miss him!

This is the biggest advantage that I see in being childless/childfree. We can just pack our rucksacks, take some clothes, LP guide and forget about real life for couple of weeks (forget about everything except the Wolf). Isn't it  great??

Take care!


  1. Have a blassttttt thereeeeee and enjoy the sun! :-D

  2. Knock yourselves out having fun. We expect a full report on your adventure. cheers, P&A

  3. Enjoy!! As Pamela said, we want details!! And enjoy the roti chanai, satays, laksa, and other yummy Malaysian food.

  4. dear friends,
    thank you for nice wishes.
    I am looking forward to all yummy Malaysian food.
    And I will definetely be back with full report.

  5. Have a nice trip and enjoy !!

  6. thanks, thanks!
    Tomorrow is my last day at work. Can't wait!!!

  7. Enjoy...can't wait to hear and see picture so we can plan our next trip.