Saturday, March 17, 2012

The toast

What a great way to start a new morning. I have just read Pamela's toast :

Thanks, Mali and LoriLavenderLuz! In addition to toasting you right back. Is it too early to start drinking (wait, scratch that, we are coming up on St. Patrick’s Day weekend!), I’d like to toast two bloggers I’ve met overseas in real life the past few months — Klara in Slovenia ( and ShiftyShadow in Australia ( They are kindred spirits — two of the most thoughtful and delightful women walking this planet!

on Stirrup Queen's blog:

I am deeply touched! Thank you Pamela!

I discovered different blogs only couple of years ago, when I was already facing childfree life. I have heard so many nice things about Stirrup Queen - but I have never read her blog. I just glanced it briefly to realize that she has twins. Of course I am happy for her (and for all the others who got their babies). It is only that in the last two years all I needed were blogs of other women who face childfree life. For good. I needed those blogs just to realize, that you CAN live happily ever after, even if the biggest wish in life doesn't come true.

Pamela - thank you for a beautiful toast. I am toasting you back. And I would like to toast to all of you, my readers. I wish you a beautiful weekend!

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