Monday, March 5, 2012

Malaysia & Singapore

It was a beautiful day yesterday. I had a lovely walk through the forrest with my dog. And... in the afternoon we bought two tickets on to Kuala Lumpur!!!  We will be flying with Emirates for the first time, with A380. Can't wait!

We have 8 weeks now to read some more about Malaysia & Singapore. With more information it is easier to make the most of our holidays. We are already looking forward to delicious malaysian cousine.

Travelling is our favourite way of spending the money.

We  have a private joke that we are not going to leave any money to our nephews and nieces. We will spend it all on travelling :)


  1. ps: I love love Lonely planet guides!
    And I can tell you one cute story of my coworker, who also loves travelling. When he divorced couple of years ago, his wife and he sat down to discuss how to divide property. And he told her "You can have everything. All I want are ALL the Lonely Planet guides."

  2. Klara, there's nothing quite like booking tickets to a new destination! Or reading a travel guide to get excited over! I'm with you - if there's any left over from my travelling, my money is going to a favourite charity, and maybe a bit to a nephew/niece. First priority though is travelling!! (May never be able to afford to retire though).

    We spent a couple of days in Singapore a few weeks ago, and I've been there many many times. A highlight of a visit to Malaysia and Singapore is the food. it's cheap, and good, and half the fun is eating at local restaurants and hawker stalls.

    Personally, I am very wary of Lonely Planet guides after the Bangkok guide (years ago) said that my favourite restaurant was in fact a brothel! It was run by the family planning association and called "Cabbages and Condoms" but was extremely well known in Bangkok and so whoever wrote it did absolutely NO research at all! I've never bought a Lonely Planet guide since.

    1. dear Mali,
      yup, I also love eating at hawker stalls.
      May I ask you something - when travelling to Malaysia - did you get any vaccination? (we are not going to Borneo)

      I agree - LP has grown too quickly and in many guides are lots of mistakes. But it is still necessary to have one guide. So we stick with LP - so our shelf looks really good (full of colours). BTW: we already have New Zealand LP on the shelf... for our future travels :)

  3. so excited for you! and, yes the lonely planet helped guide us recenntly. looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

    1. yup, having plane tickets does make my days more colorful. It is my way of compensating. I will never be able to have a house full of children's laughter. But I have something that women with small kids usually do not have - time and money (and energy) to travel.