Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bloggie friends

Not so long ago I couldn't find even one single good thing that childlessness brought me. Now I can already see more than one. And the most important is: having  bloggie friends from ALL around the world. Isn't that awsome?

So far I have met in person only one bloggie friend and it was absolutely great. We spent some wonderful days together.  Here is a post about my country, seen with the eyes of my bloggie friend's husband:

I am looking forward to:
- meeting P&A many times again
- meeting more bloggie friend also in person, any time in the next 15000 days :)


  1. Yay,I now have a Slovenian bloggie friend! I loved Pamela's husband's post too.

    I've met several of my interent friends - none of my blog friends yet but I'm hopeful (if they'd stop having bed bug and tic infestations - If I can continue travelling, Slovenia is on my list.

    1. and I have a bloggie friend from New Zealand! How cool is that! You are almost on the opposide part of the world.
      I checked:

      And, if the recession does not hit us even harder, New Zealand is definetely on my travel list in the next 10 years.

  2. I remember reading this article a little while ago, around the time I found your blog. I am pretty new to this blog world but I can relate to your feelings and am so happy to have discovered it. I hope that like you maybe someday I will meet my new friends. - Heather

    1. dear Heather,
      and having a bloggie friend from Utah is also cool! I haven't been to Utah either.
      So many new nice things are waiting for us :)

  3. It is truly a gift to share a bond and friendships that transcends language and borders. Who knew from such sadness could come such fertile new ground to explore? Ox