Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The wrestler

The Wrestler Poster

As I already mention, one of great advantages of being childfree is to have plenty of time available for watching movies. I love movies!

I watched Mickey Rourke's The Wrestler some days ago. I really liked it. Sad & beautiful story.

There are two things that really stuck with me:
  • having a child is not always source of hapiness. There was so much sorrow in the relationship between dad & daughter
  • scene where the wrestler gave himself hormon injections was so sad. It made me think of all the hormons I took in the 8 years and how much damage I did to my  body. 
This movie has absolutely nothing to do with infertility. But I see the world through the eyes of infertility-survivor. So I see connections everywhere...

I wish you a beautiful day!


  1. I can relate to that...we watch movies a lot, too...and I can't help but wear my "invisible infertility-survivor glasses" wherever I go and I, too, see connections everywhere...I sometimes think I'm going nuts 'coz of that ha ha...

    1. dear Amel,
      I love your expression: invisible infertility-surviovor glasses!
      Yup, I am definetely wearing them all the time.