Monday, February 6, 2012


A comment from my reader from Canada - Nadine - made me think of our wonderful honeymoon almost a decade ago. Most of honeymooners go to something romantic - like 10 days of Maldivi or some Greek island or anything that includes lying on the beach and relaxing. Well, this is not exactly our style.

We bought Northern American Rail Pass (sadly it does not exist any more) and here is our perfect tour: New York - Niagara Falls - Toronto - Jasper National Park - Banff National Park - Vancouver - San Francisco - Glenwood Springs - Chicago - Washington - New York.

It was the best trip we ever made. We loved it!!! And the most beautiful places on Earth we have ever seen are Jasper & Banff National Park. You can see beautiful Maligne Lake (the picture is taken from internet, we did not own digital camera then). We are still dreaming of returning there one day.

We loved all the energy that New York have.
Niagara falls are fascinating.
Can't forget tasty burritos on Mission Street in San Francisco. And the beautiful warm day in November, walking across the Golden Gate.
We spent 4 days in Washington, visiting all Smithsonian museums. Loved them!
So much more...

We had video camera with us. I haven't seen the tapes for a while. They are lovely - I was showing off my wedding ring all the time. I was so proud to be married to the love of my life. At that time I was so sure, that everything that I dream of, will come true.

Well, actually.... all my dreams came true, except the one of having three children. Luckily I am already over the grieving process (or at least almost over) so I can focus on all the great things I do have in my life. And not to focus on one only thing that is missing.

BTW: can you guess what is our favourite American restaurant? McDonald's, of course :)


  1. Wow, Klara, you covered a lot of ground on your honeymoon!!

    My dh & I also spent our honeymoon in Banff & Jasper : ) -- I had been there twice before with my family, growing up, but he hadn't, and we've been back once, briefly, since then. My absolute favourite spot in the world is Lake Louise. I want to go back there someday and splurge on a room in the big hotel with a view of the lake. I could look at that view for hours!

    Niagara Falls the town is kind of tacky ; ) but the falls themselves are still spectacular.

    Glad you had such a wonderful trip!

    1. dear Loribeth,
      how lovely ... we share our honeymoon destination!
      We also wanted to visit Lake Louise, but we had car rental only for two days and we ran off time... But we will be back one day for sure!

      I didn't like Niagara falls the town - we had our only unpleasant experience there (somobody was following us... he looked like drug dealer, but we started to run and escaped). The falls are spectacular, I agree.

      My husband wants to say to you: Via & Amtrak rule!!

  2. A month ago or so, I also looked at the "dream list" that I wrote a few years back and I realized that we've got everything on the list except kids (and most of them I've got way ahead of the time range that I gave myself). I crossed kids from our list. :-D It felt great to be able to give ourselves permission to change our dream list. :-D

    1. dear Amel,
      how lovely to get a comment from Finland! That's not that far away from Slovenia!
      I love love love your idea of deleting kids from your dream list. I will do exactly the same!!!

  3. Hey Klara and Loribeth,
    My Man and I also did a rail trip from Vancouver to Banff for our honeymoon! We stayed at a lodge on Moraine Lake and visited Lake Louise. What a beautiful vacation!

    1. dear Beef Princess,
      how nice to hear that you were there as well!!!
      We didn't manage to see Moraine Lake, so will have to return one day!

      We saw only Maligne Lake, Moose Lake, Lake Anette, Lake Edith, Atabasca River, Columbia Icefield and Peyto Lake. Beautiful!

  4. Hello Klara

    It sounds really wonderful. So glad you enjoyed your honeymoon in Canada and the US. My bf and I are planning our honeymoon. We are going to India, not really a traditional destination either, No beach for us. I really want to experience India, see tigers and elephants, hike in the himalayas. I am really looking forward to it.

    1. dear Nadine,
      enjoy your honeymoon! I wish to hike in the Himalayas one day!
      I experienced tigers & elephants in Thailand, it was nice...