Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lucija & Oskar / Maks

Our chosen name for our baby girl was Lucija.
My chosen name for our baby boy was Oskar
But my husband did not like this name, his chosen name was Maks

As Heather commented in previous post, she never offer her chosen names to anybody. Nor did I.... I just felt like writting them down before letting them go....

I had a long day at work, so I have to go out for a quick walk. It is 0 degrees Celsious and slippery (we had bit of snow in the morning).... so I will not go far.


  1. I did the same, for my children. I don't know why, but saying them out loud and writing them down made me feel lighter.

  2. dear Illanare,
    and what were your chosen name?

  3. Ha, ok I can do it too. LaNea Jane for a girl, and Zen Michael for a boy. Both are old family names that are not widely used in the US right now (I think). Husband and I agreed on both names. Phew...not as hard to write them down.

  4. dear Heather,
    thanks for sharing!
    Only one of us understands, how hard it is to write down the names and then letting them go...

  5. I haven't told anyone my names. Combined, I think they'd be a great pen name if I ever write a book. (I got that idea from a writer friend). I still can't write them down or say them - not sure why.

  6. dear Mali,
    I am looking forward to reading your book one day!
    I know, it is not easy to write them down... it is kind of sad knowing that no child of ours will carry our chosen names...