Thursday, January 5, 2012

High Temperature & Headache

first of all: Happy New Year to all my readers! May new year bring us lots of health and hapiness.
I remember that in previous years I always wished to my sisters in infertility that all of our wishes may come true. But now I know - sometimes  the wishes do not come true. That's reality of life.

I spent my New Year Eve with my husband at home, I had high temperature and did not feel well. But it was nice anyway: we watched lots of good movies. Our favourite was The Millennium-trilogy that consist of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", "The Girl Who Played With Fire", and "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest".... in original, Swedish version.

Anyway, I went back to work after holidays, but had horrible headaches and high temperature, so I went to see my doctor yesterday (I really really like her, she is so nice to her patients). She tested my blood and everything is perfectly fine. I am just suffering the side effects of all the infertility drugs that I took in August and September (and side effects still hit me, some days before I get my period). How horrible is that? I am soooooooooo happy that I stepped out of the IVF-train.  

I took some days off work, to get better.


  1. So sorry that you were not well over the New Year holiday, and very relieved to hear you are now on the mend! wishing you much happiness and peace and prosperity and great health in 2012 and going forward!

    p.s. We saw the English language version movie of the Swedish thriller recently and will check out the original movies, next...

  2. I LOVED the Millenium trilogy, and I'm a bit nervous about the Hollywood versions - how can they live up to the Swedish versions?

    Anyway - hope you're feeling better now.