Friday, January 6, 2012

Empty nest syndrome - never ever my syndrome

Few weeks ago I had business lunch with a coworker (30 years, two small kids) and a business partner and his wife (both around 60, two daughters 20 - 22 years).
The younger coworker started to talk how she enjoys all the Christmas activities with the kids.
And then the wife of business partner suddenly became very sad. And then she told us that she also loved Christmas period when the daughters were still little. But now they left home to study in the capital and she is always just lonely - without daughters (and with husband working all the time). She explained that she just does not have any joy more in living. 

I felt sorry for this woman. I know it sounds selfish, but it made me happy - I will never ever have to suffer empty nest syndrome when I am 60!  So, being childless has also some advantages :)

I am feeling already a bit better, headache has almost gone, so the world seems nicer.


  1. Good for you and your positive outlook. I need to get where you are. I probably would have been thinking about how lonely my Holidays are. Yes, I will be more positive!

  2. Yes! I have to say I am not as nice as you. When I hear about people bemoaning empty nest syndrome, I roll my eyes a little! But you're right, we won't have to go through that. Which is actually why studies show that we're much more well equipped to cope in our old age, because we're used to being on our own.

  3. dear Mali,
    yes, I read some studies and I agree with you. I know that a lot of people that have children really expect a lot from them later on. But children have their own life and they do not necessary wish or can take time for oldery parents. And this can bring lots of sadness and disappointment to parents.

    Anyway, I know even now that when I need help (in 40 years time), I will need money to buy it. So no possible disappointments there :)