Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dr. House

You will never ever get a new post from me on Tuesday night. Why?
Dr. House is on TV.
I love love love watching him. So does my husband.
We haven't missed even one sery. And lots of them we watched more then once.

Wathching Dr. House I always dreamed about finding a perfect infertility doctor, who would be so genious as he is. Who would find what's wrong with my body. And would find the right treatment.

But, that was just dreaming.... in reality, I was only a number on the paper, nobody was really focused on solving my mistery. So it remained unsolved.... for good.


  1. You have unexplained infertility? That would be hard to not have a explanation. My endo reminds me reularly of why I am infertile.

  2. My tubes are completely blocked... due to an infection caught in Tennant Creek (Near Ayers Rocks, Australia).... I was young and I thought swimming with Aborigines children was a fun thing to do. Well, actually was fun then, but the infection was terrible).

    So at the beginning of our infertility journey I thought it would be an easy thing to solve with an IVF.

    But it turned out that also my eggs were not the best quality. So only once we had embrioes of top quality, with years passing by the quality of embrioes decreased.

    But the third thing was my body not accepting top quality embrioes with donor eggs.

    So, combing this all together, my infertility case will remained unsolved forever.

  3. PS:
    It is so good not have to take any IVF again! Yesterday we had a meeting with our boss where the activities regarding the following few months were discussed. There are three business trips planed for me in two different countries in the following months.
    It was great - I could accept (without thinking) all tasks. Before that I always had to make calculations - thinking about when I start with injections (giving them was always my darling's task)... so there were long periods of two months or more that I could not go anywhere and it was difficult to always find the right lie (I never shared my IVF treatments at work)

    So.... life does get easier when you stop IVF treatments!

  4. It sounds like you have a great job, and even better to not have to plan around IVF.

  5. I'm sorry you were unexplained. That's tough. (I had blocked tubes - after two ectopics - and then was a non-responder).

    Though I do have to admit, your post made me laugh a little, as I imagined House as an infertility doctor. Imagine the AWFUL things he would have said!

  6. yup, I agree... he would say all kind of awful things.
    But at the end, I wouldn't mind... as long he would help us.