Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sisters in infertility

How lonely would I be without internet?  In the past few years I met so many wonderful Sisters in infertility! Most of you I know only via typing, but some of you also in person. How lonely would be my world without you! I am so happy I wasn't born few decades earlier... nothing of that would be possible.

I am new in blogging, so I am still learning. Today I discovered that I can check where my readers are from. My current statistics: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Netherlands, Ukraine. Thank you all for reading my blog. And thank you Pamela, for recommending my blog on twitter. And thank you Mali, for adding my blog in your reading list. I promise, after writing for another 15000 days in English, it will get better :)


Since the year is coming to an end, I can do an inventary. About the most unsensitive comment I heard this year. Well, there were quite some of them of the people who do not know my personal story, so different remarks (or stupid jokes) generally do not hurt me. But there is my coworker who knows my story really well.  She is a mother of two adorable daughters. And some weeks ago she started to explain me, that her whole life she was dreaming about giving a birth and then immediately afther giving birth she would get her baby on her chest, greeting it for the first time. But the fate robbed her of this special moment, since she had to have Caesarean section twice. And this makes her so sad because she feels as not giving birth at all.

Duh? My dear co-worker: you can traumatize about C-cections to whoever you wish. But please, NOT to me!


  1. Isn't the Internet an amazing connecting tool? It has made the world so accessible. Who would have thought something so geeky in its first generation would provide the key that unlocks so many friendships?

  2. Hi Klara, I found you through Pamela. I have found a lot of strength from the internet in the last year since my husband and I got off the infertility treatment rollercoaster. I am very grateful that through the internet I know that I am not alone anymore:)

  3. yes, the feeling of not being alone is really comforting. Going through so many IVF treatments for so many years, I really met lost of girls from my country. And guess what: almost ALL of them ended up with a child - with most of them, treatments worked out. And the others went to Russia to adopt a child. So, it can be lonely if you do not find anybody to talk about it.
    I have two wonderful friends with children, who really listen to me and try to understand. But without own experience, this is impossible to truly understand.
    So, I am happy to have you :)

  4. The internet helped me through two ectopics and the end of my fertility, and now it's helping me in a different way. It's helping me discover life after ...

    Oh, and your last sentence? I've said that to people (especially those who know my story). I've said "you're complaining to the wrong person!" Sometimes it sinks in.