Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ded Moroz

Have you ever heard of Ded Moroz (Russian:Дед Мороз, diminutive: Dedushka Moroz)? Ded Moroz is a fictional character who in some Slavic cultures plays a role similar to that of Santa Claus.The literal translation of the name would be Grandfather Frost, although the name is often translated as Father Frost. Ded Moroz is said to bring presents to children, however, unlike the secretive Santa Claus, the gifts are often delivered "in person", at New Year celebrations.

Yesterday I took my 4-year-old niece for the first time to the carneval of "Ded Moroz". And there were millions of parents with their children. And the two of us.  I had a lovely time, and so did the niece. And in the middle of the carneval I reallized, that I do have  a wonderful life. It is just that for the last 8 years I was so focused on the things that I can not have, that I completely forgot about all the wonderful things I do have in my life.

BTW: it was also great to return the niece to my brother. And than enjoy a quiet evening with my husband.


  1. Ditto, Mali!
    Great to see your new blog, Klara. I agree that it is delightful to be in a place where we can enjoy the best of both worlds -- being an aunt who can bond with children and indulge in some noisy fun visits, and then later relish in romantic quiet time with our mates.