Friday, November 11, 2016

The Love of my Life

My life in many ways isn't the way I hoped, planned and prayed. But there is one thing that turned out way better that I ever imagined: Being married.

I love him. He is my best friend, he is my everything. I love talking with him. I love his coffee each morning. I love cuddling when going to sleep. I love long walks with him. I love travelling with him, around the world and through life.

I am attaching his favourite song.

My husband has known from the day 1 that I started writting this blog, but he never reads it, unless I invite him to. Today, while listening to gentle song of L. Cohen on the radio it struck me - what if I die when still having a blog?  I wanted to leave these lines behind for him, just in case, if he decides to read. (hopefully not in the next 4 decades)

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