Monday, November 7, 2016

My favourite #HiddenFaces

I just wanted to share my favourite interview from  #HiddenFaces.
Impossible promise, indeed!


  1. That's brilliant. What a realistic and clear-headed couple, I love them. Agreeing on an end-point and deciding to “nurture what’s already here” – brave and poignant.
    She sums it up very well - the “endless wondering”; “the dark days” after everyone has stopped reacting to your failure and there is radio silence – the loneliness. The stupid comments: “just relax” and “just have more sex”...
    I was interested in the man's feeling that he was “regarded as second in the process” - just a sperm donor. The whole thing is just awful, really.
    But the worst part for me: the consultant who said “don’t worry - we’ll get you pregnant” - almost the same words that my consultant used. Hideous, nefarious ****ers.
    Thanks Klara, enjoyed watching this.

    1. dear DS, can't believe... do you know that more then one doctor used this expression with us: “don’t worry - we’ll get you pregnant”. How I believed and trusted then. And what an incredibly stupid promise this is.

      I found man's feeling also very interesting... I also felt that all the clinics considered my husband solely as someone who will donate his sperm to the process, nothing more.

      How glad am I that the days of IVF are over for me. It is a relief being above the age limit .

      sending you kind regards from Europe.

  2. Dear Klara,

    I can't tell you how much I appreciated the link to this--the Hidden Faces. I think I watched them all.
    I read your blog almost every day, and I am grateful for everything you write, and all the links to movies, books, and quotes. And especially the beautiful photos and videos you share of your country.
    your friend in NM

    1. dear friend from NM, it is lovely to get comments on my blog, thank you for writing it.
      Wishing you all the best.

  3. What a lovely couple. They put so many of my thoughts into words.
    You’ve made me want to go and watch some of the other stories on Hidden Faces.

  4. Dear Klara, this is my favourite, too :-).