Saturday, February 27, 2016


Since the infertility, I avoided all youtube videos with kids. They hurt too much.

I came across this video the other day and I just loved it. The girl performing is Luciano Pavarotti's granddaughter. Her voice is just breathtaking. The spirit and voice of Luciano Pavarotti live on.

Hearing this girl, many lovely memories came back.

It was summer 1991, I was 18 and I was an Au Pair in London. How I loved living & working in London for almost three months. One day I attended an open concert of Luciano Pavarotti in Hyde Park.  There were one million of us, who came to a free concert. It was just awesome.

I love living. I treasure my memories each year more. 


  1. This post (and Mali's recent 'keeper of memories' post) reminded me of the importance of savoring memories and the joy they bring to our lives. xx

  2. Wow, Klara, what an amazing memory to have.

    I think our memories are evidence that we have lived, that life has been worthwhile, and they bring hope that we will have the chance to make many more!