Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Are children good substitute for dogs?

I am having tough days, as always before 1st of September, when the new school year begins.
Everybody talks about their children, grandchildren and school things still need to be bought and new school projects waiting for them.
On all the commercials there are super sweet and cute children  everywhere.
Except in our home.

But there is one thing that lifted my spirit today. I was just reading a printed Stern magazine (to practice my German, if I loose my job (quite possible) almost the only possibility to find a new job is to go to Austria / Germany) when I saw the whole page of cynical questions.

Here is the original article online:

 And here are some of my favourites (I will try to translate them).

Sind Kinder ein guter Hunde-Ersatz?

Are children good substitute for dogs?


Wie intensiv müssen Ihre Kinder Sie im Alter betreuen, damit Sie sagen können: "Der Aufwand hat sich gelohnt?"

How intense your children have to look after you in old age, so that you could say: "The effort was worth it?" 


Glauben Sie, Ihre Kinder werden Sie einmal vor der Verlegung ins Altersheim oder Hospiz beschützen, oder werden es Ihre Kinder sein, die Sie abschieben?

Do you think your children will protect you from going to the nursing home, or it will be your children that will send you there?


Falls Sie Kinder haben: warum?

If you have children, why?



  1. I love the question "are children a good substitute for dogs?" And the other questions too. I wish my German was good enough to read the article, but it definitely isn't!

    Fingers crossed you don't lose your job.

    1. Thanks Mali!
      The board just cut down all of our wages (and it happened on the day that I bought flight tickets). And they are supposedly planning to start firing people at the end of the year. Hopefully I will not be among the fired ones.

  2. Hi Klara! So sorry to hear that your job may be in danger :( Is it possible for your husband to find a job in Germany or Austria as well in case you are laid off? If it is then it may not be so bad to change a scenery for a few years but I hope it never comes to that.

    I have read somewhere that German culture considers the fact of having or not having kids unremarkable and doesn't make couples without kids feel like social outcasts. Is it true?

    1. Hi Obie, I
      worked a lot with Germany in my first job (in the times before infertility issues), but this is more than a decade ago.
      But looking back, I don't think that a couple without kids feels any better then in my country.
      Have you ever heard about the expression: Kinder, Küche, Kirche

      One thing that Germans have and most of the countries don't is Angela Merkel. Powerful, intelligent, successful, important and childless.