Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Sound of Music

I have a high temperature, so I took a day off work.
Can you imagine having an afternoon better spent then watching The Sound of Music for the 20th time in the last 30 years?
If I had to choose my favourite movie of all times, I would chose this one.
I was so sure that my home will be full of children's laughter one day. 
Not all wishes come true. It is just the fact of life. I am not sad about it any more. It is what it is. Or as my bloggie friend Savannah wrote today:
You take what life gives you and you make it your own kind of happy.

Have you watched this movie?


  1. Hi Klara,
    I love this movie as well. :-) Hope you're feeling better.
    My husband and I watched Rick Steves tonight...he's an American travel guru. Tonight, he profiled Slovenia. It's just lovely. We agreed that it is definitely on our must-see list.

    1. dear Kelly, I am happy that my country is on your must-see list! I don't know Rick Steves... I will google him.

  2. (Cough cough) I saw it at the theatre when it first came out! (eeekk!!) I've seen it many times since then, of course. We had the soundtrack album (on vinyl LP) so I know all the songs very well!