Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why I left the fertility treatment roller coaster

I just read Pamela's new post "Why I left the fertility treatment roller coaster and where I found my place in a motherhood-mad world" 

Beautifully written!


I met with an ex-coworker for a hot chocolate yesterday evening. We meet only once or twice a year, but whenever we do, it is really nice to talk with her. She is a mother of two girls.
She was explaining me yesterday how deeply she is hurt sometimes by her eldest daughter (already a teenager) because of her complete selfishness. Sometimes it takes days before she can forgive her. And how sometimes she taught that adoption would be perfect solution for me (I am grateful, she never said it). And how she doesn't think that anymore. Because mother-child relationship can be very complicated (although it is socially inappropriate to talk about it) even if a child has your genes.

I felt good. It feels good to be able to really talk to somebody.


What is even more perfect - is to be able to talk to somebody who lived your experience.

Pamela - can't wait for our holidays in 69 days! Dalmatia is really beautiful.  I will try to order the sun :)


  1. LOVE Pamela's post. :-D And it's AWESOME that you two will be able to meet in such a gorgeous place! :-D HAVE FUUUUNNN!!!!

  2. Nice post.

    Jealous - I sense I'm going to say that here (and on Pamela's blog) a lot over the next 69+ days!

    1. dear Mali,
      my husband is just reading National Geographic and he said "When we finish with building the house (=in aprox. 10 years), I would love to see Milford Sound one day."


  3. Yes, I am really really looking forward to Dalmatia & catching up with Pamela. It really is lovely to meet friends online and then also meet them in person.
    How lonely would I be without the internet & all wonderful blogs from our community.