Monday, December 17, 2012

Looking forward to May

Two days ago I got  wonderful news. A dear friend of mine is coming with her DH to Dubrovnik in May. Can't wait!!! We are taking some days off to meet them there.

Dubrovnik (on the photo) is one of the most beautiful towns that I have ever seen. It lies approx. 700 kilometers from our home, so it is more then a decade since I visited it the last time.

More info about Croatia: 
(I had seen some seas... and the most beautiful sea (at least for me) is Dalmatia.)


  1. WOW!!! Looks gorgeous indeed. ENJOY yourselves!!!

  2. Aaah. (I'm remembering my brief visit there a year ago). I'm sure you will enjoy yourselves.

  3. Ahh, now I know who your visitor is! ;) Have fun!