Friday, December 28, 2012

Dedek Mraz

Foto: Dunja Wedam

Prihod Dedka Mraza. Foto: Dunja Wedam

Prihod Dedka Mraza. Foto: Dunja Wedam

This is a post I wrote exactly one year ago: 

This year I invited two of my nieces to the celebration of Dedek Mraz. My brother's daughter (5 years) didn't want to go (she prefered to stay with her parents). But my sister's daughter (3 years) was hardly waiting for it.

I had her for 4 hours and it was picture perfect. We took a train to the city centre. We had a walk around beautiful Ljubljana. We went to McDonald's for a Happy Meal (yes, I know it is not healthy, but aunts are alowed to spoil nieces). And we saw Dedek Mraz and all magic & kind creatures.

On the train ride back home I asked her which thing she loved the most and she said very loudly: "Klara!". What a beautiful compliment! She really is a picture perfect kid.

When I had the first few really dark years of dealing with my infertility I never thought it would be possible for me to go on a event, dedicated strictly for kids and their parents and to really really enjoy it.

It was beautiful afternoon. But now I am really tired. Can't wait for my DH to come home, so we will enjoy a quiet evening in front of TV.


  1. WOWWWW!!! Amazing sights! There's nothing so festive here in our little village he he...

  2. WOW, the pictures take the breath out of me :D It's look very beautiful!!

    Good to read about your day with your niece:)) Bet she had the best day with her aunt:)
    (By the way, McDonalds is allowed under special circumstances)

  3. Yes, Ljubljana, our capital, is really a lovely city.
    Some info:

    There are two things I would like to add. It was lovely to go to this celebration to the capital, where we were lost in huge crowds, nobody knew us and it was perfect. I would never ever take her to our little town, where everybody knows everybody. I would hate small talks and ackward questions like: "Oh, I didn't knew you have a child." So yes, I know I am not healed yet. But with years I learned how to live with my infertility.

    It was the first time that I had 3-year-old niece just for myself. Brave little girl!

  4. That looks amazing. I have been to Ljubljana once and loved it. I need to make it back to see this.

  5. This post brings back memories of a lovely day I spent with my niece exploring the bustling city centre of Dublin. The bonding and affection remain despite our many miles apart. Glad you had such a memorable day. ox