Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye, my lovely bathrobe!

I made a huge step forward today. I got rid of my beautiful purple bathrobe.

I bought it few year ago, when we changed the clinic for our 5th IVF cycle. And the new clinic requested to bring your own bathrobe. I didn't have any, so I went shopping and bought it. I wore it only twice, for egg retrieval and to embryo transfer. We were still so hopeful then. I remember my DH & me joking that we would have for sure a baby daughter since bathrobe was not blue :)

I hate throwing beautiful things to garbage. And I couldn't wear it again, because just seeing it in our wardrobe always brought so many sad memories back.

Today I visited my parents and I took a bathrobe to my mum and asked her to give it somebody. My mum has millions of friends and she always knows somebody who needs something or she knows somebody who knows somebody who needs something.... so I am sure my beautiful bathrobe will end up in good hands.

And I feel relief. One object less in our little apartment that reminds me of all the IVFs.

Small step towards living a happily-ever-after-infertility life.

Otherwise  I am fine... I went for a short cycling tour today, I love cycling, I just wish I had more time for it.


  1. "And I feel relief." I'm glad, Klara.

    (And I loved your purple bathrobe. Someone will feel very happy with it. And they'll think of the nice person who donated it every time they wear it.)

  2. I had to purge my house too after we stopped treatments.

    If I wore bathrobes (I never saw the need for one)I would own a purple one. Purple is my favorite color.

  3. Ahhhhhhh...that's a lovely feeling - relief. :-))) I must get rid of my "What to Expect When You're Expecting, New Pregnancy and Birth Book and Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" that I bought years ago...I should just go to the library and drop them off someday. :-D

  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog (weight loss one) and leaving a comment. Greatly appreciated! :) Yay for small steps towards living 'happily-ever-after-infertility'.

  5. There is a special freedom in separating ourselves from reminders of what might have been. As
    Mali said, a new owner will associate a very different story with your bathrobe. It will be reborn just as you like you.

  6. dear girls,
    thank you for all kind comments.
    The bathrobe is so beautiful that I thought that it deserves a new start, a happy new life. So do I, yes :)